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        • Stop loosing money on no-shows, start sending automated reminder messages to your clients

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SMS Generci Screen

Say goodbye to costly no-shows

Send automated reminder & confirmation messages to your customer.

▷ Fully automated
▷ Reminder & confirmation SMS
▷ Includes iCal support

Automated and highly effective

Dealing with no-shows is a costly endeavour and reminding your customer by yourself unbearably time-consuming. Let Salonkee do the work for you.

Reminder Messages

Automatically send reminder messages to your lovely customers and effectively reduce no-shows. Best of all, your customers will love it too. Everyone likes to be organised.

Booking confirmations

Confirmation messages give the customers a place to go back to, if they can’t remember the date or time of their appointments. Best of all, each confirmation SMS includes a calendar event, so the customer can add it to his own iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar in a couple clicks.

Save real money every month

Having 4 no-shows a week with an average value of 50€ each,  you are already loosing 800€ each month.That’s 9.600€ every year. Let us do the heavy lifting and automatically remind you clients with a friendly SMS.

Provide your customers with an exceptional service

Sending your customers reminder and confirmation messages is not only an advantage for you.

It’s also an extraordinary services for your customers. With the confirmation SMS they can add their appointments to their own calendar in 3 clicks. Everybody stays organised, nobody get’s disappointed. Win-win.