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        • Digital Calendar
        • Manage your appointments with ease through simple drag-and-drop functionalities

        • Client Database
        • Keep track and manage all customer related informations at one place

        • Online Bookings
        • Spend less time on the phone and provide your clients with an exceptional  service through online bookings

        • Statistics & Reports
        • Keep track of your business most important numbers. Revenue, sold products, profitability, etc…

        • Automated Reminder-SMS
        • Stop loosing money on no-shows, start sending automated reminder messages to your clients

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The all in one solution for your salon or spa.

▷ Smart digital calendar
▷ Highly powerful point-of-sale
▷ Automated and easy to use stock management
▷ Automated reminder SMS
▷ Accessible anywhere, any time

Why is Salonkee right for you?

Salonkee has all the features you need to make sure you spend less time on paperwork and can focus on what matters most; your customers.

Our system has been developed in close collaboration with professionals from the hair- and beauty sector, making sure that our features perfectly suit your needs.

Save time

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on the phone each month? Or how much time you lose on paperwork? Salonkee helps you spend your time on what’s important: Your lovely customers.

Reduce costly no-shows

A couple no-shows a month already leave you with hundreds of euros lost. By sending automated confirmation & reminder messages to your customers, those costly no-shows will be significantly reduced.

Increase your online visibility & gain new clients

Gaining new customers isn’t easy. Salonkee helps you to get found by potential customers around you and improve your Google rankings along the way.

Provide an exceptional client experience

More than 50% of today’s salon customers prefer to book there appointments online. Our easy to use 24/7 online bookings helps you meet your customer needs. They will love it. We promise!

Manage your numbers with ease

Keeping track of your most important numbers can be quite a hassle. With Salonkee, we do the heavy lifting for you. Track your most important numbers and financials in real-time with ease to understand reports and dashboards.

Access from anywhere

Whereever you are, whenever you want, you can follow what’s happening in your salon even if you are away. Add appointments to your calendar when you meet a friend in the streets or check you financials from home. You are in total control.

Each industry has its very own specifications
So does every salon in the hair and beauty sector

From the first moment on, Salonkee has been developed in close collaboration with professionals from the hair- and beauty sector. This collaboration helps us to make sure we meet the different requirements of all salon types & spas. Today we gladly serve Barbers, Hair Salons, Masseurs, Beauty salon, Nail Studios and Spas.

They all have specific needs, we made sure Salonkee is the perfect fit for each of them.


“We used to get about 800 calls a month. Today we have 70% less phone calls and a constantly growing customer base.”

Spa & Well being

As an exclusive Spa, I wanted to provide my clients with the best possible booking experience. Salonkee was an obvious choice. I am also very happy with the reliable customer service.

Hair salons

I always thought that online bookings just don’t work for my salon. I was very surporsed that Salonkee actually has a perfectly working solution.

Nail Studio's and Makeup artists

I was impressed how fast my client base grew after I joined Salonkee. Also I noted that my clients come back on much more regular basis.


As a masseur I cannot interrupt my massages to pick up the phone. Salonkee easily allows me to take new appointments during my sessions. The excellent feedback from my customers confirms my choice for Salonkee.

Beauty Studio

I was looking for a very long time for a digital solution for my beauty studio. Salonkee was this only solution I found which respected different rooms and even could show the calendar from a room perspective.

Smart digital Calendar

As easy as paper, yet so much more powerful

With our drag-and-drop functionalities, our calendar is extremely easy to use. Yet, it offers you functionalities a paper calendar doesn’t come close too.


Flexiblity at it’s core

We know that every salon has its own needs. This is why the whole calendar has been developed with flexibility in mind.

Client Database

Managing your customers – the efficient way

All your customer records regrouped in one and single space. Get all the information you need in a few convenient clics.


All the important information – right in front of you

Say goodbye to the long and tiring searches for your paper records; important information like appointment history, next appointment or custom service duration are easily accessible directly from you dashboard.

Online Bookings

Boost your availability trough online bookings

Not being available digitally is not an option anymore. Make yourself available 24/7 to ensure that your appointments flow in, even while asleep!

The most advanced online booking system available

Salonkee has been closely developed with professionals from the field. We made sure to think of every possible scenario and even the biggest skeptics of online bookings became Salonkee fans very fast.

Point-Of-Sale System (POS)

Track, sell and get paid!

Our POS is not an Add-on to the smart agenda but a fully integrated solution. Salonkee reshapes the definition of ‘all-in-one’. Speed up your workflow by using a POS that is clear and which looks nice.

Stock management has never been easier.

We set out to create an easy to use stock management system that helps you stay on top of your inventory.  Keep track of your most popular products and detailed stock levels in our dashboard and report section.

Statistics & Reports

Insight – Anytime, anywhere

Salonkee allows you to keep an overview of your current situation: know how the health of your businesses  right from your Salonkee dashboard.

Financial & Performance reports

Detailed financials as well as comprehensive performance reports are an integral part of your Salonkee dashboard. Long gone the days when you had to contact with your accountant to get insights on your current progress. Everything can be dynamically generated right from your reports section.

Automated SMS

Reduce your no shows – increase your income

Automated appointment reminders for your clients will reduce your no-shows up to 55%. Help your most forgetful clients to become a little bit more organised.

Confirmation SMS

Beside the reminder SMS, Salonkee also offers an appointment confirmation service – automatically send a confirmation SMS to your clients right after manually booking an appointment in the calendar – an exceptional client service that will keep your clients coming back.

Salonkee helps you manage
your daily beauty business in the simplest way possible.