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        • Manage your appointments with ease through simple drag-and-drop functionalities

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        • Keep track and manage all customer related informations at one place

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        • Spend less time on the phone and provide your clients with an exceptional  service through online bookings

        • Statistics & Reports
        • Keep track of your business most important numbers. Revenue, sold products, profitability, etc…

        • Automated Reminder-SMS
        • Stop loosing money on no-shows, start sending automated reminder messages to your clients

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Online Bookings

Point-of-sale & Stock

Statistics & Reports


Statistics & Reports

Stay on top of your numbers

▷ Your activity and finances in real time
▷ Follow the performance of your employees
▷ Retrace what makes your salon or institute run

More than just numbers

Real-time daily activity

Keep an eye on your daily activity directly from your dashboard.

Track your revenue

Don’t need to wait days or weeks for a detailed financial report – you keep track of your revenue at any time right from your Salonkee backend.

Employee performance

No bad surprises no more – track your employee performance in real-time and know when is the right time to be more bossy than usual.

Popular products & services

Know what works! A comprehensive list of your best performing services is available at any time.

Most valuable customers

Until now you only felt it in your guts which of your customers were the most valuable – we give you the numbers. Know your customer on a whole new level.

Stock overview

Easy real-time overview of your product stock has just become a reality. Know the total value of your products and keep track of all sales possibilities.

Total insight – anytime, anywhere

Track your salon’s performance

Do you find yourself guessing when you don’t know something? Don’t let this happen to you in a professional context. The integrated statistics and reports let you easily track your general performance right from your dashboard, at any moment in time.

Best of all: Salonkee being universally accessible allows you to keep a watch on your progress, even while you are away!

What makes your business tick?

Detailed financial & performance reports

Always keep an eye on your business performance and track your revenues and costs with easily generated financial reports.

Be even more efficient in what you do by understanding what works and what doesn’t. A detailed view on your staff’s performance or the number of different service bookings – it’s all right there and available for you to take any mesures in time.

Salonkee helps you manage
your daily beauty business in the simplest way possible.