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Online Bookings

Point-of-sale & Stock

Statistics & Reports


Online Bookings

Clients love

online bookings

▷ Available 24/7
▷ Clients take their appointments by themselves – no confirmation needed
▷ Yet, you stay always in control
▷ Cut your organisational work

Online bookings – the way it should be

Salonkee has been closely developed with professionals from the field. We made sure to think of every possible scenario and even the biggest skeptics of online bookings became Salonkee fans very fast.

Smart & Adapted to your needs

The most advanced online booking system available

Resource Management

Your salon has multiple cabins, for different services? We got you covered! Resources are easily managed and taken into consideration during every and each online booking! No double bookings here!

Exposure Time

Directly connected to the smart calendar, complex situations like individual exposure times are automatically taken into consideration.

Custom Service Duration

Unique customers have unique service needs. Or some of your customers are just a little bit more talkative than other? We got you covered! Our online booking system knows and recalls every specific detail of your customer.

Online Booking – Salon Side

Appointments – smart & automatic

So you say you are afraid of online bookings? Afraid of losing control over your work plan? Well, what if we tell you that we figured out a way for your clients to take appointments easier and faster than over the phone? Yes. We did.

The booking website is directly connected to your smart calendar; The appointment is automatically added – no confirmation needed. Besides, all your new customers will be automatically listed in your Client Database with all relevant contact information. So, you still think online bookings are complicated?

Available 24/7.

You just triple your availability. Your clients can now book the next appointment when and where they want.

Less telephone. More clients.

Ring ring. Again. Annoying, right? With Salonkee, you can finally refocus on the important part of your job – taking care of your beloved customers.

Exceptional client service.

Your clients like it digital, easy and fast. Be on the outpost of the digital frontier and give your clients yet another reason to come back.

Online Booking – User Side

Hassle free booking. 24/7.

With Salonkee, your clients can easily book their online appointments in 3 simple steps: they chose the service they need, their preferred employee and the time slot that suits them best. Done.

Congratulations: your salon just became available and open for bookings 24/7! Online bookings are not only a way to offer your clients an exceptional service – being listed on Salonkee.com will give you a unique visibility to attract new clients.

Instant appointment confirmation.

We wouldn’t want you to lose time confirming appointments by email instead by phone. Your user can only book available time slots – online bookings done right.

Employee selection.

Your clients come back because of you? Or because one of your co-workers? What ever the reason may be – let them decide for themselves during the online booking process. Salonkee makes ‘A la carte’ beauty appointments a golden standard.

Gain new clients.

Salonkee will boost you visibility; being noticed means to be prepared for a wave of new clients on their way to become regulars. You aren’t afraid of being visible, are you? Good.

“We used to get about 800 calls a month. Today we have 70% less phone calls and a constantly growing customer base.”




Abusive behaviour detection

Trust above all! – No customer can fill your calendar in an abusive way. The system  automatically recognises and blocks the abuse by limiting the customer’s activity.

Data not visible to visitors

Your digital calendar will never be visible to external users: users booking an online appointment only see the available time slots for the chosen service(s). No preying eyes here!

Identification – You do know your customer

Ghost or fake appointments no more – every user who wants to book an online appointment needs to create a Salonkee profile. We guarantee and automatically verify the authenticity  of the phone number and email address.

Salonkee helps you manage
your daily beauty business in the simplest way possible.