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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Salonkee require an installation?

A: Salonkee does not need any installation on your device. Salonkee is  fully browser based and runs on every device.

Q: On what device can I use Salonkee?

A: Salonkee can be used on any device. Desktop Computers, Notebooks, Tablets or Smart Phones

Q: What kind of salons is Salonkee suitable for?

A: Salonkee has different set ups for different kind of salons. Salonkee is the perfect solution for:
– Barbers
– Hairdressers
– Beauty Studios
– Masseurs
– Other

Q: What are the steps to follow, if I want to test Salonkee?

A: 1. Click here and leave your salon details
2. A test account will be put in place within 24 to 48 hours.
3. If desired you will be guided through the set up of Salonkee in 5 easy steps
4. If help is needed, one of our support team is always at your disposal (via chat / email or phone).
For Salons in Luxembourg or the Grande-Region, we can also fix appointments in your salon.

Q: In theory, could some users abuse of online bookings?

A: No, this is not possible. We have built in many restrictions to avoid any kind of abuse.

Q: What are the main advantages of Salonkee?

A: – Save time and improve your salon organization
– Triple your availability to your customers wanting to take an appointment in your salon
– Your customers appreciate the fact to take their appointments online
– You client database is always up to date and complete
– Manage your employees in smart ways
– Experience the digital world and how simple it can be.

Q: In how far will my customers benefit from Salonkee?

A: – Customers can book an appointment at your salon 24/7
– Customers love flexibility
– Customers are being reminded 24h in advance of their appointment
– Customers can keep a record of their salon visits and by whom they were served for their last appointment.

Q: Do online bookings need to be accepted by the Salon?

A: No the Salon does not need to accept online bookings. Only free spots are being showed to customers taking their appointments online. Therefore, no acceptance is required. Every online appointment is immediately valid and appears in the Salonkee calendar. Online appointments appear in blue to separate them from manually added appointments which appear in green.

Abuse of online bookings won’t be possible.

Q: Can a salon continue to use its paper agenda next to the Salonkee calendar

A: We strongly recommend not to use another calendar. Salonkee is a very complete, intelligent calendar which has specifically been designed for the hair and beauty industry, so there is no real need to continue keeping a separate agenda apart from Salonkee. Online bookings are coming in real time and are instantly being showed in your calendar. Online bookings always respect your employees availability and free spots in functions of the services which has been booked by the client. Keeping separate agendas would allow double bookings.

Q: How do customers become aware that they can book online?

A: We provide to every Salon a marketing package consisting of small information cards containing all the necessary information the customers need to successfully book his next appointment online. The salon can simply distribute this small cards to their customers. From experience we can tell that consistent distribution leads to over 50% online conversion within 6 months.

Additionally we strongly encourage salons, to link their websites to Salonkee and also add the book now button on their facebook page (in case they have one).

Q: Do customers have a full view into a salons’ calendar?

A: No they do not. They only can see the remaining spots in function of a chosen or first available employee. Free days are being show with a green tag, busy days with an orange tag an fully booked days with a red tag in the corner. Please refer to the print screen here below for an impression

Q: What happens in the event of an internet failure?

A: – Calendar remains visible
– Possibility to use the smartphone (cellular data) if necessary

Q: What is you data protection policy?

A: Salonkee is fully compliant with the 2018 general data protection regulation (GDPR).