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Statistics & Reports


Smart Calendar

All your appointments 

at a single glance

▷ Easy Drag and Drop functionalities
▷ Intelligent & Flexible agenda management
▷ Universal access

Easy Drag & Drop

Most digital calendar on the market today are rather slow and complicated to navigate. We set out to create the simplest – yet most flexible digital calendar you can image. Move appointments around with drag and drop. Prolong them with a simple gesture. Remove or update them in three clicks. Split one appointment over multiple employees. Whatever you need to do, it is only a couple clicks or swipes away.

Total Flexibility.

Tired of software which restricts you in your way of working? We are as well. Our digital calendar adapts itself to your specific needs.

Service Duration

Obviously not every service takes the same duration. Define a standard duration for each of your services in the settings and then adapt them for specific appointments in the calendar as needed.  Drag and drop at it’s best.

Custom Booking Time

Nobody knows your customers as well as you do. Which is why you are the only one that knows if you take more or less time for different customers for the same service. Unless our system could do it. Which it does! Isn’t that smart? Find more information below.

Working Hours

Sometimes employees work by the same schedule every week. But sometimes they don’t. Adjust working hours on the go. Our system can handle even the most flexible working hours with ease.


Exposure time

Our calendar fully support split appointments and exposure times.  Think of hair coloration as an example. With our exposure time functionality, you decide how long and when an employee is occupied and when he can take on second customer during the first client’s exposure time.

Resource Management

Depending on your salon setting,  your free time slots are not only determined by the availabilities of your employee  but also your resources such as a Manucure Table, IPL machine, specially equipped cabines, etc… Salonkee is able to map the right  resource to the right service right away.


Block some time in your schedule whenever you are away or don’t want to receive any appointments. Holidays, sickness, breaks, recovery hours, whatever the reason, your are in full control.

Total Flexibility.

Tired of software which restricts you in your way of working? We are as well. Our digital calendar adapts itself to your specific needs.

Appointments booked online

Manually added appointments

Employee Working Hours

Employee Vacation

Lunch Break


Universal Accessability

You are in charge! Access your digital agenda from anywhere, anytime.

At any time

On any device

From everywhere

Salonkee helps you manage
your daily beauty business in the simplest way possible.