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        • Digital Calendar
        • Manage your appointments with ease through simple drag-and-drop functionalities

        • Client Database
        • Keep track and manage all customer related informations at one place

        • Online Bookings
        • Spend less time on the phone and provide your clients with an exceptional  service through online bookings

        • Statistics & Reports
        • Keep track of your business most important numbers. Revenue, sold products, profitability, etc…

        • Automated Reminder-SMS
        • Stop loosing money on no-shows, start sending automated reminder messages to your clients

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Online Bookings

Point-of-sale & Stock

Statistics & Reports


Client Database

Managing your customers 

the easy and efficient way

▷ Complete individual customer records
▷ Custom booking times
▷ Thorough customer list

All that’s important – right in front of you.

A digital profile for each one of your valuable customers. Keep the most important information at hand and ready for each returning customer. A unique experience every time – your client will notice.

Customer record

Easily manage your client base. Navigate trough each and every individual customer record and keep the information about your most valuable assets at your fingertips.

Appointment History

Long time no see? No problem! Easily keep track of your customers last visit, services & purchases in a visually appealing & understandable format.


Coffee or tea? Sugar or plain? The last used hair dye reference number? ‘Notes’ lets you easily scribble down the most valuable information to make your customer feel as if the last visit was just yesterday.

Upcoming Appointments

See you soon – how soon? Keep track of your customers next visit to be able to guarantee an unforgettable experience for each and every visit.

Your customers – uniquely different.

Custom service duration

Unique clients – unique needs. Custom service duration allows you to adapt the duration of a service to each customer individually. Smart, right?

Find your customers –
the easy way

An extensive list with all your customers that can be accessed at any time, from everywhere; Handling customer data has never been easier.

Search, edit, add or remove client information in a few simple clicks.

Salonkee helps you manage
your daily beauty business in the simplest way possible.